Wed Early Bird: What Did Eddie Catch Lunchbox Ordering? + Bobby's eBay Scam

Making of The First Omen with Nell Tiger Free + Director Arkasha Stevenson

Mike goes behind the scenes with the star and director of The First Omen. He talks to Nell Tiger Free who plays Margaret in the movie and director Arkasha Stevenson. The First Omen is about a woman named Margret who starts to question her own faith when she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy to bring about the birth of an evil incarnate in Rome. They dive into how making a horror movie affects your personal life, the debate of using practical versus computer-generated graphics, and what Disney classic they’d both want to direct and star in if they made a R-Rated version.

The First Omen it's now available on digital now,  drops on Hulu tomorrow (5/30), and on DVD and Blu-ray July 30! Find here by clicking HERE

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25W: Which Teams Duo Has Been More Dynamic: Celtics or Mavs? + St. Louis Recap & Jim Edmonds + Most Memorable Injury List

With the Celtics closing out their series last night, and the Mavs on the verge of sweeping the Timberwolves, Bobby discusses which duo has been more dynamic: Tatum & Brown or Luka & Kyrie. Plus, the guys recap their visit from St. Louis for "Too Much Access" and sit down with Jim Edmonds from his home to talk about his career, baseball, and much more! And following Eddie's broken foot, Bobby reads a list of the worst sports injuries over the years to compare!


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Tuesday Post Show (5-28-24)

We talk to Swiftie Lauren who is back from her wedding and honeymoon. She recaps what she remembers from the big day, her wedding band and her Top 3 moments overall. Bobby talks about watching Civil War and The Fall Guy over the long weekend. Bobby talks about almost dying this weekend and related airplane stories including turbulence injuring more passengers and a flight exposed to measles. We talk about what artists we’d get a tattoo of after a Madonna fan gets 18 Madonna tattoos. Amy talks about watching a Diddy documentary and having her mind blown.

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Tues Full Show: Bobby Announced Who Got The Movie Role! + Our MDW Recap

Bobby's been teasing that he got sent a script that offers someone on the show a role in a movie, and today he announced who got it! Plus, we share our best and worst moment from Memorial Day Weekend and more!

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Tues Early Bird: What Would Be On Our Tour Rider? + Mailbag: Family Secret

Find out what we would request to be on our tour rider! Plus, in the mailbag a listener is keeping a BIG family secret. She learned before her mom died that their dad is not their dad... but "uncle dan" is, who has also dead. Should she tell her siblings the truth or keep it to herself? And more!

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Jay DeMarcus-Member Rascal Flatts, Musician, Songwriter, Label Founder

Join your host @TheBuzzKnight on the Takin A Walk episode with one of the most respected folks in the Nashville Music Scene.

Jay DeMarcus shares his vast career in this episode, from his beginnings in Columbus Ohio, to his success with the legendary band Rascal Flatts. He also created and is CEO of independent label Red Street Records. 

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Dating Red Flags, Love Bombing & Ex-Boyfriends, Oh My! (5th Thing)

“The truth is, sometimes you need to get where no one can stop you before you even tell people where you are going. It’s a lot like chess. You build your strategy in silence, move your pieces in silence and the only time you talk is when you say ‘check mate.’”
—Vivian Tu (@your.richbff)

Amy & Kat chat about:
- today’s quote (above) - business ideas & 401k's
- top dating red flags
- love bombing
- where are Amy’s ex-boyfriends now?? 
- first kisses 
- first dates (notably how Big P didn’t pay when he took Kat out for the first time)
- Hinge’s new ghosting policy
- more 4 Things LIVE podcasts in the fall
- social media breaks
- Stachira going to camp & Stevenson wanting to create/edit videos for Youtube 


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#454 - Darius Rucker on the Pain from His Biological Father

Darius Rucker (@DariusRucker) stops by to talk about the process of writing his new book Life’s Too Short: A Memoir by Darius Rucker which is out now. He tells the untold story of the formation of Hootie and the Blowfish, how he started singing at a young age encouraged by his late mother and the pain left behind from his biological father (bring a tissue!). Darius also talks about how he shifted from rock to country and the asinine statements said from people who said it would never work. Darius also gets candid about the dark side of the road, misinterpreted songs and the coolest moment of his career getting to perform with one of his musical heroes. 

Get your copy of Life’s Too Short: A Memoir by Darius Rucker by clicking HERE. 

Signed copies on Barnes & Noble: HERE


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Mon Full Show: To-Go Order Tipping Debate + Best Days Ahead or Behind?

Happy Memorial Day! The show members discuss tipping on to-go orders. Plus, Bobby asks everyone the question: Are your best days ahead or behind you?

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