Tyler Florence Gives His Professional Opinion On A1 Sauce On Steaks

Tyler Florence calls into The Bobby Bones Show to give his professional opinion on A1 sauce on steaks, common cooking questions and shares some details on his new podcast 'Two Dudes in a Kitchen!' 

Florence is known for his shows on Food Network and his cook books. He also hosts the 'Two Dudes in a Kitchen’ podcast with Wells Adams who he met on Worst Cooks in America when he was on there. The podcast always starts off talking about food but then jumps around to other topics that make them laugh by the end. They talk about anything and everything. 

Florence has a steakhouse in California called Miller & Lux where he really focuses on the quality of the meat. Bobby Bones thinks every steak can be made better with A1 sauce, but Florence does not agree. He thinks a really good steak doesn’t need anything. There’s a lot of good sauces that can pair well with meat and they can make the meat taste something different. Although it’s not how Florence prefers to prepare his steaks, there’s no controversy for him if someone comes in, wants a steak well done or wants A1 sauce. He just wants his customers to be happy. Bones also told him he that when he was single, he used to occasionally buy chicken and let it thaw in the shower. Florence wouldn’t suggest that for a couple reasons. He feels there needs to be a separation for church and state of where you wash things off.   

Cooking is his favorite thing to do. He recently cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 35 people and said he loved it. He said food tastes better when someone else cooks it because the pressure if off. You can relax and enjoy the meal instead of worrying if everyone likes it.  

When asked to name one other chef he can physically beat up, he said America has the best group of chefs they’ve ever had right now. Especially with the help of social media, the community is better than ever. He doesn’t think he would need to throw hands with anyone. 

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, the new reality competition show he’s on, will premier on FOX on January 4. Himself and 16 other celebrities went to Middle East country Jordan, where they went through things with British Special Forces team. He said it was actual hardcore, real cameras, no assistants… they slept and did everything next to other people in their bunks. It was 108 degrees every day, but it was fantastic television.  

Christmas is coming up, and we asked Florence his professional opinion on what to give as gifts. He suggested something from the kitchen. Macy’s has so much to choose from. One item he thinks is great is a juicer. It’s a great way to cram a bunch of nutrients in your body. 

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