Maren Morris Answers Most Googled Questions About Herself

Maren Morris called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the last stop on her ‘Humble Quest Tour,’ what backstage is like, the most googled questions about herself and more!  

Maren Morris is about to wrap up her ‘Humble Quest Tour’ this Friday (December 2) in Nashville, Tennessee at Bridgestone Arena with Ruston Kelly and Brittney Spencer. She’s excited for this show since a lot of her friends and family will be in attendance and with her backstage. Maren said she likes to have the backstage not be too cluttered and have a ‘vibe room’ where everyone can chill, make themselves a drink and get into show mode. She usually doesn't hang backstage for the most part but has been for this tour since she has her son out with her. She’s been on this tour since March and has done 44 shows so far. With the final one being this Friday, she plans to leave everything on the stage and is excited to celebrate at the after party.  

Bobby Bones asked Morris if someone buys artist merch at the show, is it bad to wear it there? Lunchbox thinks it makes the person look like a loser, but Morris disagrees. She loved seeing her fans wear her merch on this tour, especially at the outdoor venues when it got colder, and they had her sweatsuit she was selling on. She admitted she wore a T-shirt with her face on it for the first time during this tour. With the ‘Humble Quest Tour’ coming to an end, Morris said the set pieces from the stage will go to a warehouse somewhere and possibly be recycled for another tour. She wishes she could put them in her backyard because she really liked her stage setup.  

Morris answered three of the most Googled questions about herself: She is 5’1. The song she is most known for is either “The Middle,” her collaboration with Zedd, “The Bones,” or “My Church,” depending on who you ask. Does she want to get into acting? She answered she would try it if it was the right project, but doesn't think she could play someone who is so dissimilar to herself.  

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