Employee of the Month Chosen for August & September

It's been two months since The Bobby Bones Show selected a new Employee of the Month. For the months of June and July, Eddie was crowned Employee of the Month.

An EOTM was never chosen for August. So today, a member of the show was chosen as EOTM for August and September combined. The last Employee of the Month Eddie was kicked out right away, then Amy and Raymundo were kicked out of the running. Abby was also eliminated and it left the EOTM down to Lunchbox and Morgan.

Morgan was eliminated and Lunchbox assumed he won. However, Bobby last minute announced that Mike D won EOTM. He's not normally in the running, but Bobby said after these last few months he came in clutch and definitely deserved it.

He got to spin the wheel a few times. At first he won $21, then he decided to spin the wheel again and ended up only winning $1.

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