Psychic Predicts Someone Will Leave the Bobby Bones Show Next Year

Amy's psychic cousin Amanda came on The Bobby Bones Show to answer all kinds of questions about Bobby's life and the show.

Amanda does psychic readings about 15 times a week. She admitted that sometimes she gets emotional because of the way she receives the information. She feel the energy through her body and she will tear up or laugh loudly because of it. Often though, people get very emotional during their readings. Majority of the time she's able to see the people who have died in a person's life, which is why she's been able to talk to Amy's mom a few times. Adding that it's not necessarily a bad idea to buy a house where someone has been murdered, but it's good to be aware of the situation. She uses her gift to reflect someone's highest self to facilitate healing and create abundance. She doesn't mess with lottery winners, lottery numbers or any of that subject because that's not her primary gift. However, she does know people who are good at locating items and knowing specifics like names and numbers.

Whenever Amanda refers to "they" in the interview, she's tapping into his highest self and finding every aspect of him that has ever been and ever will be. Check out some of the personal questions Bobby asked Amanda and her answers:

  • Will the CMAs or ACMs ever let him host their show? Yes. But by the time it happens, it will be a bit of a struggle for him because he will have other things on his plate and this won't seem as important to him. He may actually be asked to host both in the same year.
  • Will he ever get into politics? Yes, but it's a different trajectory than he thinks. This will come soon in the next year and a half. He has a lot of things coming up in his career in the next 6 months and she's sensing he's very afraid right now.
  • Anything new happening in his career that will excite him? He has some solitary opportunities coming up, also opportunities to own something and produce something. She sensed that he would be behind-the-scenes and in front of it like a production company or network situation. He wouldn't have to show up every day and host and hold space for others.
  • Anyone in his life he shouldn't trust? Yes, there are 2 to 3 people around him, but not anyone on the show. There's some people he is disassociating from and there's some professionally he will let go of. There's also a personal relationship that feels unsafe to him.
  • What do his dogs want him to know about them? One of them has 9 lives and can go through anything. His bulldog is currently requiring much of his time and attention right now, while the other dog is really wanting more attention.
  • What changes does he need to make to stay healthy? He needs to slow down and focus on quality over quantity. He needs to pull back some of his resources and focus on being home more. Being with his family unit and focusing on the simplicity of things will help him.
  • His grandmother and mother showed up during his reading. They both wanted to be there for him and tell him they're always there. His mom was really proud of him and how responsible he was. She also wanted to share that he doesn't always have to feel responsible for everyone else's security and safety. His grandma jumped in and reminded him of a nostalgic, comfort meal she used to make for him called "Granny Soup."

There was also a conversation about the Bobby Bones Show and some big details were revealed. Here's the questions Bobby asked.

  • Will anyone leave the Bobby Bones Show in the next year? They showed her yes. It will be someone going on their own trajectory.
  • Who will be more successful in acting? Amy

Bobby chose not to bring up the question about his death. She told him she also doesn't like to go there because she doesn't want to show that kind of authority in people's lives. For anyone who wants to get a reading done, they can reach out to her at her website or on Instagram here.

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