Lunchbox Is Concerned About His Wife Drinking Again

Lunchbox shared a baby box update on both of his baby boys and his wife. Lunchbox and his wife are still adjusting to the life of two children in their home, but for the most part things are going great.

Despite his concern, Lunchbox says that baby box and baby box 2 are exactly the same. He and his wife were worried that baby box 2 would be a "nightmare" because baby box was so easy, but as it turns out they're both chill babies. Baby box is the exact same, he's really chill and only fusses when he's hungry. However now when baby box 2 cries, baby box does too, so there is more crying happening in the house.

Outside of their babies, Lunchbox is concerned that his wife started drinking wine again. He said he came home to see her having her first glass of wine in 11 months and it was at lunch time. She was celebrating that both of the kids were napping as any mom would. However, Lunchbox thinks she should have talked to him about it first to ensure it was safe for the babies.