Bobby Trying To Figure Out Who To Take As Date To 2019 CMA Awards

Bobby Bones was just announced as a presenter for the 2019 CMA Awards.

With his presenting duties, Bones was given two seats at the awards ceremony. This year though, Bones isn't sure who he wants to bring along with him. In previous years, he's gone with ex-girlfriends, his co-host Amy Brown, and his Dancing With The Stars partner Sharna Burgess.

At the current moment, Bones doesn't want to bring a "date" because that person would most likely appear on television with him. He shared that he's also brought Amy along with him before and she now may be working the red carpet this year. Bones asked his Instagram followers who he should bring with him and he shared that most individuals said Morgan2. Also on a FaceTime with some listeners, he discussed all of his options and they suggested Morgan2 as well.

Bones has said before he would like to bring his dog Stanley with him, but since Stanley just got out of surgery for some health things, that's not really an option this year. He hasn't made a decision on what he wants to do, but he only has a few days left to decide.

Photo: Getty Images