Randoms-Dumb Calls to Police on Quarantining, New Workout from Chippendales

More Twitter fun …Your quarantine name is the last thing you ate and your high school mascot … (Twitter)

In this time of coronavirus, teachers are still reaching out to their students -- in any way they can. And this one will put a smile on your face. Michelle Floering, secondary principal at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan, went through the drive-thru at a local restaurant – to tell 18-year-old Kaitlyn Watson, who was working there, that she is officially the class valedictorian. (Pop Sugar)

Make a reservation … for the grocery store. Dinner reservation app OpenTable has launched a tool to help grocery stores and other essential businesses deal with long lines and overcrowding. The company’s reservation software will now let you book available shopping times and even be put on waiting lists. The service is free. "Not only does this help control crowds in a simple and contactless way, it also provides a safer option for shoppers, especially those at high risk, to get their groceries without waiting in a crowded line,” OpenTable said in a press release. (KTVU)

Zooming while naked …With lots of people working from home, everyone is videoconferencing. But there are some people who prefer to keep their video turned off -- and according to a new survey, there's a good reason for that ... they're not wearing any clothes. The survey found that 12% of people say they keep the video cameras off during video conferences because they're wearing little or no clothing. The survey also found that 44% of those working from home make sure to dress professionally for the video calls and 16% say they've re-arranged their rooms to make the background look more professional. (UPI)

The social distancing police …Social distancing is the most effective way to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and as many Americans abide by the CDC guidelines, there are still some that continue to ignore them -- and they're finding themselves being publicly shamed and even reported to the police. Police departments across the country are reporting a spike in calls from residents who are snitching on their neighbors for doing more social mingling than social distancing. The LAPD says it’s gotten calls about people exercising in their yards, eating outside, or playing in the park. Some have even called police to report that they heard their neighbor coughing. (TMZ)

Chippendales cardio …It’s important to stay physically fit while social distancing, but finding the motivation to work out can be difficult. The Chippendales dancers are here to help! The hot guys famous for their Las Vegas show are taking their dance routines tosocial mediaand turning them into at-home workouts. Nothing says get off the couch like shirtless men with six-pack abs telling you to dance with them! (TMZ)

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