Zach Breaks Juicy Record On First Night As 'The Bachelor'

Zach and GreerPhoto: ABC

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoiler alerts from the season premiere of The Bachelor!

Zach Shallcross began his journey to finding love on The Bachelor last night (January 23) — and he already broke a record!

The Season 27 of The Bachelor started off with a bang... and a party bus, and an ear lick and a pig named Henry. We met 30 women who are vying for Zach's heart — and roses — but at the end of the night, only 19 roses were handed out (since Zach said goodbye to Madison during the cocktail party and she "hit the griddy" into the sunset).

Of the 30 women Zach met on Night 1, he kissed seven of them — the most kisses for any Bachelor on-screen. Data from @bachelordata shows the Austin native surpassed Clayton Echard, who kissed five women on the first night. Despite this juicy record being broken, Zach isn't the all-time kisser — Peter Weber was. He kissed a whopping 12 contestants on the first night — they just all didn't make it to the final cut of the episode that aired.

"I think I kissed 12 on the first night," he told Entertainment Tonight back in 2020.

Here's who Zach kissed on his first night as the Bachelor:

  1. Zach kissed Bailey, who he met at the finale of last season's The Bachelorette, to apologize for getting her name wrong ("Baylin") on live TV
  2. Kaity and Zach shared a kiss during their one-on-one conversation after bonding over living in Austin, Texas, and their goofy personalities
  3. Christina brought Zach to the driveway where the party bus she arrived in was parked. She set up a compatibility questionnaire for Zach, which ended up in a sweet kiss (before all the other girls hopped on the party bus and ruined the moment)
  4. Greer and Zach share a kiss after she tells him her "end goal" is to end up in Austin. Greer ultimately wound up getting the First Impression Rose
  5. This is where it gets dicey! Madison took a liking to Zach straight away, and even admitted "giving up her life" for him. She taught him how to "griddy" before bringing him in for a kiss — that Zach was not feeling. He even admitted it (lol). Madison then gave Zach an ultimatum, and she was sent home before the Rose Ceremony began. She left the Bachelor Mansion in tears (and without three press-on nails)
  6. Zach told Charity "I'd like to kiss you" after the two bonded over the fact that his mother is also a child therapist, similar to her profession
  7. Jess and Zach shared a cute moment on the steps which ultimately led to the last kiss of the night before the Rose Ceremony

Zach and BaileyPhoto: ABC

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