Kelsea Ballerini Shows Off Her 'Au Naturale' Hair Tone

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini is shedding her blonde locks and going back to her roots as she debuts her new look, a head of brunette hair. The country singer took to Instagram to show off her new 'do, writing "au naturale [brown heart emoji] thanks for letting my blonde hibernate for the winter."

The new look fits Ballerini, her darker color making her light eyes absolutely pop.

Carly Pearce, Trisha Yearwood, Chelsea Handler, and more all shared their approvals for Ballerini's new look, with her darker color managing to turn a little paler in the light. The country singer proved that not only can she pull things off as a blonde, but also a brunette.

When she's not showing off her new look, Ballerini has been busy promoting her upcoming book of poetry, Feel Your Way Through. The singer recently wrapped up a tour with the Jonas Brothers as well and told Ryan Seacrest that she had grown up a fan of the band.

"I try to stay in touch with my fangirl," Ballerini said. "I don't want to lose perspective. I don't want to lose that part of myself."

Ballerini also sat down with Cody Alan to reflect on this past year, sharing that she considers the Remember This Tour and her upcoming book to be two of her highlights. Ballerini also had the opportunity to fill in for Kelly Clarkson on The Voice at one point, with the singer adding that as an additional highlight. "I have done a lot of things that wouldn't have happened otherwise and things that I am really proud of," Ballerini said. "So, I am not too mad at the last 12 months."

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