Lindsay Ell On Nashville Protests: 'It Was Such A Beautiful Moment'

Lindsay Ell On Nashville Protests: 'It Was Such A Beautiful Moment'

Lindsay Ell On Nashville Protests: 'It Was Such A Beautiful Moment'

On Saturday (May 30), country music artist, Lindsay Ell, joined protests in Nashville following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by police officer, Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis.

"We have to start speaking up and teaching each other there is only one kind of love," Ell shared on Instagram following the protests. "Racism is a learned behavior and we are far too educated of a society to let this injustice continue to happen. Let’s use our voices to instill change in the heart of equality and love."

Since then, Ell has continued to speak out against racial inequality through several social media posts. On Tuesday (June 2), the country singer shared a lengthy, heartfelt statement elaborating further on why she decided to protest on Saturday in Nashville.

"It is easy to pretend to support something and then still not outwardly do anything about it," she says. "It is easy to think that we live in a world that has overcome racism and that we treat our brothers and sisters as equals. But sadly, that is not the case."

She goes on to address the family of George Floyd and the black community as a whole. "My heart breaks for you," she tells them. "It is completely unacceptable that, as a society, we have let racism and discrimination continue to permeate our culture. It has plagued our world for far too long, and the responsibility falls to each of us to bring about change now."

Her statement continues on to talk about the rally she attended in Nashville over the weekend. She described the event as "a beautiful moment of people coming together to talk about love and stand up for one another."

"In order for permanent change to occur, a new education becomes our responsibility," she continues. "We must change the way we think, change the way our teachers and our children think. Racism can no longer be an unknowingly learned behavior that is fed to our next generation. It must stop, and it won’t stop in an environment of silence."

"Justice is absolutely needed. Violence in any form cannot be acceptable. Hate does not defeat hate; only love can conquer hate. The true quality of a person is determined not only by their thoughts, but through their actions, and two wrongs never make a right."

She goes on to encourage others to take part in the peaceful protests going on around the country.

"Let’s march and walk hand in hand, together. Let’s demonstrate and stand up in non-violent, peaceful protests. Let’s donate," the urges. "Let’s pour love into each other’s hearts. Let’s educate ourselves and each other. Let’s have conversations that make us uncomfortable. Let’s elevate the voices of black people to achieve the justice and equality that everyone deserves."

In conclusion, Ell reminds people that in order to end racial issues in America, we much come together as one and demonstrate "acts of love that reflect what's in our hearts."

"Let’s use our voices to instill change in the spirit of one love. We are all created equal. Every single one of us."

See her full statement here.

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