Here's Why That NYC Marathon Proposal Is Getting So Much Backlash

The New York City Marathon was held on Sunday (Nov. 4) and one woman's race has gone viral. No, she didn't win first place or have an epic fall. But she did get engaged at mile 16, which has sparked an internet controversy like never before. 

Kaitlyn Curran spotted her boyfriend, Dennis Galvin, near the Queensboro Bridge while she was running her first ever marathon. She jogged over to say hi and that's when Galvin got down on one knee to pop the question. Curran said yes, hugged and kiss Galvin, and then carried on with the race. The proposal was caught on video and shared by CBS Evening News. 


The video spread like wildfire across Twitter, but probably not for the reason you'd expect. Many people chimed in to share that they'd actually pretty mad if this is how their significant other decided to propose. 

"If you've ever trained for a marathon, the amount of time that goes into, is a lot. To be interrupted for a damn proposal is insane," one person shared. 


"this guy jumped the barrier and proposed to his girlfriend at mile 16 of the NYC marathon. MILE 16 IS NOT THE FINISH. Proposals mid-race cannot be a thing no no no no," Cross Country Probs tweeted. 


"Guy Watching His Girlfriend Run Marathon Quietly Finds A Way To Make It All About Him," another wrote. 


Neither Curran or Galvin has spoken about their viral engagement publicly yet, though Galvin's cousin Kathleen Figueroa, who captured the video, told CBS that "it was indescribable just to be there and see it all was amazing." She confirmed that Curran "had no idea" about the proposal and that the couple is "very happy" and "can't wait for the wedding." 

What do you think about this proposal: is it super cute or super inconvenient to propose to your significant other while they run a marathon?

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