Chasing the Dew

Mt Dew ATV

You could win a ATV from Generation 3 Powersports, Mountain Dew, KJ's, and Eagle 92.9!

Listen for the Mountain Dew & Generation3 Powersports Cue To Call, for your chance to be one of six on-air qualifiers!  You can also visit during of our live broadcasts, with Mountain Dew & IGA/KJ's Stores to enter to be an instant qualifier.  

On  August 18th, the grand prize (The Mountain Dew ATV) will be given away to one of our 13 qualifiers. The 13 qualifiers will compete in the Ultimate Tricycle Race! The winner will win the Mountain Dew ATV. 

Join us August 18, 2018, at the KJ’s IGA - 525 South Ebeneezer rd, Florence SC 

Event time is 10:00AM on Saturday August 18, 2018.

Generation3 Powersports

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