Darlington Raceway Is Making New Improvements

Darlington Raceway is making some major improvements starting TOMORROW! They are spending nearly $7 million on improvements from seating in the stands to the restrooms. If you've ever sat your tail in one of these seats, you know they aren't the most comfortable, nor have room for your beverage, all of that is about to change. About 60% of the money is going towards just the seating itself. 

Here is what you are used to sitting in, and here are the new seats. Now the seats with the cup holders will be at Tyler Tower along the start-finish line. Wallace Grandstands along the front stretch will be replaced with wider, bench-style seats with backs. Colvin Grandstands on the backstretch will have newer bench seating with improved bathrooms and concession areas....they are even putting televisions in the concession area so you don't miss a minute of the race!!!!


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